Saturday, 1 March 2008

Next thing she's wearing my rolex...

OK, so the last post was actually published by mistake (the ill conceived execution of the concept and the abundance of spelling and grammatical errors are, I'm sure, a testament to this) but it's a minor. Conversely it seems to be the post that I've discussed most with people in The Real World of recent times (lets get involved in the comments though guys), so it's all good I guess. Continuing the Wiley theme has anyone heard his new track 'Wearing My Rolex' which is doing the rounds on the radio at the moment? It's absolutely massive, expect it to be propping up the charts soon, it's got hit written all over it. No doubt it'll also be featured as background music in Eastenders Queen Vic scenes, as were most the tracks of his last album 'Playtime's Over'; clearly the producers have clocked he reps for the East, so fuck it, why not go the whole hog offer him a cameo? Can't be much worse than Goldie...

Wiley - Wearing My Rolex mp3

I'm a bit late on posting these links but never mind, basically I've written some words that have cropped up in various places. I reviewed the new Hives single here, I actually only listened to it about twice but it really is a shocker, apparently the rest of the album is nothing like it but I cant say that I'm too tempted to give it a try.
Drowned in Sound darlings (and providers of advertising revenue) Los Campesinos released their much awaited 'Hold On Now Youngster' LP this week. Generally reviews have been of the consensus that it's just a few good singles padded out with some underwhelming filler.
I reviewed their 'Death to Los Campesinos' single which ushered in the album a week previously here. It was really a 3.5 but the score system at High Voltage doesn't cater for decimals so it got a slightly over generous 4/5. The guys voice really is annoying though, for some reason it makes me think of a second year Uni student bawling at their parents, if he just toned down the hyperactive fey enunciation's a little he'd be doing them a big favour.

Expect some stuff of mine to be popping up in P.i.X this month, possibly including the cover story. I'll post links up when the issues out and on their website.

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