Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Hatcham Social

These days it's pretty hard to tell which of Londons 'monochrome set' bands are garnering attention on their own merit, and which are gaining credence merely by virtue of going to public school/sleeping with the guy from The Horrors. Luckily Hatcham Social, via their razor sharp interpretation of everything great about Edwyn Collins/ Orange Juice/ The Velvet Undergrounds 'Sunday Morning', make discerning which side of the fence they occupy a significantly less onerous task than many.
Indeed, all signs point to these three sons of Young Scotland going far this year because, unlike so many of their peers, they've got enough Tunes stuffed up the sleeves of those vintage polo necks of theirs to match their imagery of neatly coiffered indiepop dandyism.

Hatcham Social 'So Happy Making'

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