Sunday, 30 March 2008


With the emergence of the nascent Smell scene in LA and the rise of Telepathe et al in Brooklyn it's been hard for UK music fans not to feel slightly envious of our Atlantic brethren over the last year or so. While for a period the likes of HEALTH, Mika Miko and No Age seemed to be gigging for US audiences on a near daily basis, domestic fans have been left with only a handful of one off gigs and sparse tours to provide relief from a homegrown music scene which has become increasingly directionless and creatively impotent. Let's be thankful then for the emergence East London based 2-piece Teeth!!! (and cast aside the fact that they're actually a transatlantic duo; vocalist Veronica actually hails from San Francisco) who have amalgamated everything great about the aforementioned US bands and re-imagined them as synth-smart electropop noise terrorists.

Upcoming gigs include jaunts at Tears on the Golfcourse in Manchester on the 4th April and a set a Club Motherfucker (with DAT politics) in London on the 20th, both of which are sufficiently diverse in their geography to rule out any excuse for not attending at least one.
Download their excellent SSSIPPPEE mp3 by clicking the link below or visiting their Myspace page.


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