Wednesday, 30 January 2008

But I still get high off material things

With a vocal delivery somewhere between Lady Sovereign and mid-nineties proto WAG's Vanilla (they of late 90's non-hit 'no way, no way' fame) it's safe to say GoldieLocks music is something of an acquired taste. Personally, I like her, but then maybe I'm biased; as a Croydon lass she's from 'my ends' innit. You don't seem to be able to move these days for female solo acts born in the mid eighties, but GoldieLocks is packing way more talent than your average Mini Allen; although best known for her distinctive vocal style she's actually a producer at heart and only picked up the mic in the first place to finish her tracks for a college assignment. So far she's blessed grime acts such as Frisco and Tinchy Stryder with her beats as well as more mainstream names like Kate Nash and Mutya Buena. She's been kind enough to put some of her older stuff up for download here, should you wish to investigate further, or if your on some long ting just download the excellent 'Social Suicide' below.

GoldieLocks - Social Suicide mp3

The Kills 'Cheap and Cheerful' video

Who'd have thought it? After two albums of retrogressive metronomic robot-blues the Kills have reinvented themselves as beat-savvy pop futurists. Their forthcoming 3rd album is looking like a very tasty proposition indeed (Kate Moss appearances pending)...

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

0800 0800 0800 0800

After months of waiting the Angular/Domino co-enterprise that is These New Puritans 'Beat Pyramid' LP has finally been made available for public consumption. Fanfared by a series of straight facedly pretentious interviews the LP is a rare example of the product matching the expectations generated by the hype.
Read my hyperbole heavy thoughts on it here.