Tuesday, 11 March 2008

'It's Free and It's a Poster!'

If you live in London and have even a passing interest in music the chances are you've probably come across the free P.i.X fanzine which you can pick up in any shop/bar/club worth going to. Basically it's a load of features, interviews etc with bands that are so new some of the people that are in them don't even know about them, along with charts and a cool foldout poster.
I've been helping them out spreading the word of P.i.X in the North West and have started writing a few bits for them too, including an interview with this months cover stars Televised Crimewave. Check it out online here or better still go and pick up a copy.
While I'm at it, if you are a bar, shop or club night in Manchester that would like to host some copies of P.i.X get in contact and I'll drop some over....

Er, what else? I've done some more reviews for High Voltage this week, check out my thoughts on pressing releases from Foals and Les Savy Fav here and here respectively. I'm still reeling from my use of the word 'anthemic' in the Les Savy Fav one to be honest.

Also, if by some twisted geographical accident you happen to be in the Manchester region for any reason this weekend then come along to Stay Sick at Big Hands where I'll be playing some tunes and offering withering put downs for requests to play Maximo Park. Good times will be had, I'm sure.

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