Tuesday, 25 December 2007

I've got a sweet sugar but thats it

When Test-Icicles disbanded last year, buckling under the strain of a joke taken too far, it was Dev Hynes, the bands iconic visual centerpoint and general man about myspace who was earmarked as the defunct acts 'most likely to'.

Dissapoiningly most of his nu folky solo material (released under the moniker Lightpeed Champion via myspace and latterly Domino Records) has been largely forgettable, however latest offering 'Tell me What it's Worth' is a finely sculpted song that marks a significant leap forward from his previous forays into sub Bright Eyes territory. In fact so big is the aforementioned leap that I'd wager that this will be up there this time next year when every ones making their obligatory 'best of' lists. Great video too.

Apparently he was the support for Patrick Wolf's recent 'farewell' tour. Why does no one ever tell me these things?


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