Friday, 28 December 2007

It's Britney, bitch

From her legendary car crash VMA performance to her ill adivised hair makeover, Britney Spears has had the kind of year that serves to uphold the old adage that 'theres always someone worse off than you'.
The girls nothing if not unpredictable, but even by Britneys standards incorporating a grime/dubstep influenced track on her recent Blackout LP was something of an eyebrow raiser.
I doubt that if the instrumental got played on Rinse many people would realise, she should have of called Wiley to jump on it for a guest verse.

Britney Spears - Freakshow

And the unlikely union between Ms Spears and Grime doesn't stop there: Here's a mp3 of Jammer freestyling over Britney's 'Toxic' as featured on DJ/Blogger Prancehalls excellent free download mixtape Anger Is A Gift. Clearly somewhere within the crack haze Britney knows something we don't. Play this at a house party on NYE and if the reaction is anything other than riotous approval then your resolution is to find better friends.

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