Sunday, 28 October 2007

Ballad of a Mixtape

There’s something about this time of year that makes me want to listen to Comet Gain.
Maybe the slightly autumnal title of their last album 'City Fallen Leaves', or perhaps it’s because they seem to be absolutely freezing cold in the video for the excellent 'Fists in My Pocket' (see below). Then again, maybe it's just because their records sound so reassuringly warm; all soul drenched organs, handclaps and lo-fi guitars, so gloriously analogue in their rendering that even the CD's sound like dusty vinyl LP's. Forget Vitamin C and extra layers of clothing, Comet Gain are just the tonic for these bleak autumn/winter days.

Comet Gain cut their teeth in the early 90’s alongside Riot Grrl trailblazers Huggy Bear (whose bassist Jon Slade currently plays guitar for the band) and their albums sound like compilation tapes made by someone in possession of an infinitely cooler record collection than your own. Taking in Northern Soul, 60's girl-group pop, garage rock and punk, as well the customary nods to The Go-Betweens, and The Pastels, Comet Gain draw from a diverse gene pool without ever managing to sound like anyone but themselves.
They released 2 albums on the impeccable Wiiija label during the nineties before the entire band, bar guitarist/singer David Feck, walked out to form under achieving indie-poppers Velocette. Unabated, Feck continued to record under the Comet Gain moniker with a variety of collaborators (including Kathleen Hannah of Bikini Kill/ Le Tigre fame) before settling on the bands current line up. They’re currently signed to Kill Rock Stars and their most recent album 'City Fallen Leaves' is surpassed only by their striking debut LP 'Casino Classics' in terms of quality. Check out the video and mp3 below and and get a taste of a band for whom ‘indie’ isn't a byword for overpriveledged kids in tight jeans.
A new album tentatively titled 'Broken Record Prayers' is being prepared for release sometime in the near future. Live dates, hopefully, will follow.

Comet Gain - Why I Try To Look So Bad

Video: Fists In The Pocket

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