Tuesday, 6 November 2007

And they've all got Misfits T-Shirts...

It took me a while to work out whether or not it was ok to like Johnny Foreigner. On the one hand they make great, catchy pop-core that sounds like the bastard child of At The Drive-In and Los Campesinos. On the other there’s something I find irksome about bands like JF; bands that is who are so evidently in thrall to all things US indie that they find themselves not only appropriating the melodic sensibilities of their transatlantic counterparts but also, at times, lapsing into faux American accents.
In the end though I just went with it. The free 15 track demo 'I Like You Mostly Late At Never' (download here) contains the foundations for some of the finest boy/girl post-whatever since Pretty Girls Make Graves called it a day. Plus when I found out they came from Birmingham the American vocal inflections suddenly seemed a lot easier to bare. Upcoming sessions for Radio 1 and gigs for Vice, Drowned in Sound, XFM and Artrocker suggest the Brum threesome will be suitably massive this time next year, if not before. Apparently they also featured on a battle of the bands style TV show called 'Road to V' which is a shame, but I never saw that so couldn't really comment.
Be sure to download the 'Sofa Core' Mp3 below as it's ace.


Anonymous said...

JF's the only indie-rock act worth listening to these days.

Anonymous said...

Also Marnie Stern.