Tuesday, 23 October 2007

I Met Her In The Bin

Pre are my favourite band at the moment.

If they look familiar thats because they count Akiko from Comanechi and former members of Todd and Seafood amongst their number. Featuring more basses than guitars, Pre's shapeshiting artnoise sounds a little like Black Flag re imagined as a No-Wave band; thunderous hardcore bluster colliding head on with arch art school aesthetics. Their debut album 'Epic Fits' barely incorporates as many minutes as it does songs and is one of the most viscerally thrilling records I've heard all year. Terrifying and danceable in equal measures, its delivered with a commendable enthusiasm for creating as loud a racket as humanly possible. The lyrics are predictably incomprehensible, but with song titles like 'I Met Her in the Bin' who really cares.
See below for the snappily titled 'Fuck is Fun' video.

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