Wednesday, 12 September 2007

I wanna fuck your mother

After 2 years of sporadic (but suitably deranged and devotedly attended) appearances, Brighton’s finest have returned full pelt to the fray with a new EP of material, and it's good. Not quite as vital, compelling and downright sexy as their debut, but far more sonically focused in its intent than the sprawling follow up Royal Society, which bodes very well for their upcoming third album.

Still, pleased as I am to see Eighties Matchbox return to form I can’t help but feel that the racket being made by former guitarist Andy Huxley's outfit (with co conspirators James Hair and Bertie Lean), ‘Vile Imbeciles’, offer an altogether more exciting proposition.

Like all the best bands they seem to have polarised opinion thus far (see the press cuttings on their myspace page). Personally, I loved them when I caught an early gig at Catch bar last year and thought that on record they sounded like Rock ‘n’ Rolls long overdue response to Aphex Twins 'Cone To Daddy'.
Their debut album '...Ma' has only been out a couple of months but they're already demo’ing material for the next one (a ‘proper commercial effort’ apparently), 4 tracks of which they've put up on their myspace page.
These new recordings are great- more refined and aurally articulate than '…Ma's' primal screams, Vile Imbeciles have evolved nicely into the realm of the listenable without sacrificing any of their uniqueness. Discerning ears might detect the faintest traces of Captain Beefheart, Melvins and The Birthday Party (<-seriously, check this link out) interwoven into their Gonzodeathjazzbeat DNA, but truly they sound like nothing else around at the moment. Exciting stuff indeed, but guys, more gigs please!

Vile Imbeciles Photo by Dave MA, used by permission

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