Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Dubstep: A Casual Introduction

If you hadn't noticed, Dubstep is blowing up right now. Queues for the last FWD>> night at The End saw people queuing for upwards of four hours to get in, with many more waiting even longer only to never make it. Such has been the genres ascendance of late that you can now hear Skream's tunes on Channel 4's 'Skins' and catch Mala DJ'ing at Indie-scene haunts, while bands such as Dior Homme darlings and '08's most likely to' These New Puritans are referencing Digital Mystikz as an influence.

If you haven't seen this short documentary yet (its a bit old now) its worth checking out as an introduction to whats all the fuss is about.

Anyone looking to investigate further could do a lot worse than checking out the Eyes Down documentary and visiting Barefiles.com who have a comprehensive archive of radio sets (both pirate and legal) up for download (I'd recommend Plasticians 2006 mix or Kode9's Burial set as good starting points). Also well worth checking out are Skreams ace refix of the Klaxons 'It's Not Over Yet' (effectively a cover of a cover) and Benga & Coki's tune 'Night', the biggest tune in the scene at the moment and undoubtedly one of the years finest tracks so far, irrespective of genre.
Just watch those bass bins, yeah?

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